In a fast-paced data environment, there is no room for manual data handling.

Reducing manual input helps us get rid of human error, outdated data, and we gain faster responses for challenging situations.

David Grebenstein, Geoconsult Austria

Geoconsult are an international, independent engineering consultant, specialising in digital means for the construction business, like 3D models, BIM and remote sensing.

Geoconsult has a tunnel documentation suite called TUGIS, where the onsite geologist can store all the information they acquire on site, pictures, sketches, and measurements. This can be used for statistics and the as-built documentation, so if the construction is nearing a critical area, or transition zones, which are not directly visible in the tunnel phase mapping, it can be seen as onset in the parameters of the rock quality.

Because all this data is available in the cloud, if we wanted to enhance or update our planning stage model, we can simply push all the data through Seequent Evo to our Leapfrog model and update it, and that’s a very nice advantage.

We hope for a much easier incorporation of important details within our 3D models and a faster 3D correlation of new features we find on-site and want to implement in our 3D model.

Communication is key in most problems, and an up-to-date model helps with good communication; whether that may be with the team on-site, the back office, or with stakeholders.

David Grebenstein, Geoconsult Austria