The Seequent Integration API uses mutual authentication. Developers need to provide Seequent the fingerprint of their certificate prior to using the APIs. The certificate needs to be issued by a certificate authority; self-signed certificates cannot be used. Visit the Getting Started page for more information. 

Configure your web client to provide your client certificate for Seequent to verify against the whitelisted fingerprint. 

Use the Integration API to obtain the signed JSON Web Token required for verification of authorization claims for other Seequent API calls. 


This example demonstrates how an endpoint call may be made using the JWT requested using this Integration API. 



curl --location --request PUT '' \ 
--header 'Authorization: Bearer jwt' --cert '/path/cert.crt' --key '/path/cert.key' 


401 Unauthorised will be returned if we don’t know who you are 

403 Forbidden will be returned if we know who you are but you don’t have access to what you are asking for