Seequent Developers

Kore GeoSystems

We empower geologists, geoscientists, and engineers to spend less time managing and entering data, freeing up more time for interpretation and making informed decisions.

Vince Gerrie, President and CEO of Kore GeoSystems.

Kore’s Spector suite of products provide an integrated solution involving the acquisition of high resolution drill core imagery, visual core logging software, and AI tools, that automate the prediction of geological and geo-technical attributes such as RQD, lithology, and alteration.

Kore Spector Geo software provides the fundamental data required to generate 3D models in packages such as Leapfrog.

Kore’s integration with Seequent Evo significantly compresses the timeframe from drilling to 3D modeling by providing the classifications to Leapfrog for rapid modeling based on the most recent and relevant information available.

Kore is very excited about our integration with Seequent Evo ecosystem, which allows for secure seamless data transfer and does away with monotonous time consuming and sometimes error prone tasks associated with manual import and export of data among different software packages and platforms.

What I really like about the partnership with Seequent is that the Evo integration achieves our vision of improving productivity through automation, ultimately empowering our clients to make informed decisions data-driven decisions earlier and faster than ever before.

Vince Gerrie, President and CEO of Kore GeoSystems.